System administration, Ops, and DevOps

Regarding manual and/or automated system administration, operations (including cloud), and DevOps (development operations)

Onward, the migratory nerd

A recent storm in which lightning struck rather close to my residence, and fried various bits of networking equipment, caused a whole different type of migratory nerding.

How not to rebuild a WordPress site

So far the upshot of this is to not expect a simple Export/Import process with WordPress, especially when it comes to the Media Library, if one wants to rebuild a site at the same domain, rather than a domain move, with the previous domain still active.

The problem with thin (pools & volumes)

Linux LVM thin pools and volumes initially seem to be a great way maximize the use of hard drive space by using only the space that is actually allocated to files. There is a major fly in the ointment though. Thin pools cannot be reduced in size.

Backing up is hard to do

In my opinion, Windows is deceptively clear and smooth, but with use, one finds significant imperfections. Linux may feel a little less polished, but is more what you see is what you get (or better) — there are imperfections for a power user / developer like me, but those idiosyncrasies are minor compared to the more problematic ones found in Windows.