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Onward, the migratory nerd

A recent storm in which lightning struck rather close to my residence, and fried various bits of networking equipment, caused a whole different type of migratory nerding.

It's all different but mostly the same

While all my websites now look very different than a month or two ago, the content hasn’t changed very much. On the flip side, I’ve moved my hosting back to Netlify and MS365, and my professional life is on the move.

Relaxation at the Midland Copy Shoppe

One of the lessons I’ve learned over the last few years is to relax and let others do what they do better than I. For instance, I recently updated my ‘introduction card’ (aka business card), but this time instead of designing it myself, I decided to rely on the professional designer at the Midland Copy Shoppe. I am very glad that I did, and I will show you why.

No, I have not sold my soul, v2

This is true despite the fact that I am moving my websites (including this one) away from OVHcloud and/or self-hosting, and am making a shift to using Microsoft 365. Some will never believe that nor accept what I have to say about it, but for me it’s the right decision.

Facebook "meltdown"

If my feed was showing me what ’engaged’ me why did I get fed up and leave? There are several parts to the answer, but an important piece is that Facebook’s algorithm is largely an uncontrolled ‘positive feedback loop’.

Data Responsibly

We need mandatory third party security and privacy audits to matter as much to directors and shareholders as financial audits.