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Back to OVH

This ‘migratory nerd’ has moved back to OVH for hosting

Alpine Vultr—Oh my!

This site now lives on an Alpine instance via public cloud. No more Azure Storage Blob web hosting (Microsoft) for me. And though it wasn’t a financial decision, I save money!

No, I have not sold my soul, v2

This is true despite the fact that I am moving my websites (including this one) away from OVHcloud and/or self-hosting, and am making a shift to using Microsoft 365. Some will never believe that nor accept what I have to say about it, but for me it’s the right decision.

Halting 'Infrastructure via code' project

While our internal tests (using private data that would need to be replaced with dummy data) of a full config were successful, frustrations with ‘our’ OpenStack hosting provider has led to the conclusion that it’s not a viable cloud alternative for us. In addition, is our finding that this approach involves more effort than if Terraform were a viable option, so if we were to continue with public cloud infrastructure we would prefer services with which we can successfully use Terraform.

Backing up is hard to do

In my opinion, Windows is deceptively clear and smooth, but when once one really shines a light on it, one finds significant imperfections. Linux may feel a little less polished, but is more what you see is what you get (or better) — there are imperfections for a power user / developer like me, but those idiosyncrasies are minor compared to the more problematic ones found in Windows.