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Updating spaces to tabs

In code, choosing spaces over tabs creates accessibility barriers. The developer ‘Holy Wars’ ignore this, so this article explains the issue.

Where have all the pictures gone

“… each of my posts has usually sported a big ol’ hero image as the background for the post’s title, description, and date-of-issuance info. That, too, has been limiting and even delaying, even if only as a lame excuse on my part. After all, it’s not always possible to find a freebie stock photo that has even a tangential connection to a post’s subject(s).” (Bryce Wray in a post about CTCAJW mode)

Accessible design: No "_blank"

With browsers having built-in “Open link in new tab” functionality, it doesn’t make sense to break a basic web idiom (the back button) on a whim. Auto-opening link in a new tab/window breaks the back button and is unnecessary (because users have the ability to make that choice for themselves).