Terms for the 'tags' taxonomy

Accessibility (3) [accessibility]

Discussions and explanations of ways of making technology able to be used, managed, enjoyed and created by everyone.

Cloud (7) [cloud]

Articles related to cloud computing and virtualisation, especially automation techniques and tools. (For cloud providers, Libvirt, and Hyper-V based).

Hosting (10) [hosting]

Examples and discussions/explanations of hosting services ‘in the cloud’ and/or self-hosting (locally or on remote machines)

Opinions (9) [opinion]

Daniel’s F. Dickinson’s non-technical thoughts on issues in tech and technology, usually where it intersets with humanity.

SysAdmin-DevOps (5) [sysadmin-devops]

Regarding manual and/or automated system administration, operations (including cloud), and DevOps (development operations)

Training (3) [training]

Daniel’s F. Dickinson’s meanderings, efforts, and thoughts on technology training (cross-skilling, new skills, and more).

Web (10) [web-design]

Discussion and explanations of various web design and development activities. For HOWTOs see Wild Tech ‘Garden’