Archives: Linux Network Monitoring

I’ve added back my Linux Network Monitoring presentation from the archives. It’s almost fifteen (15) years old but some of the software discussed is still used for open source monitoring (although with updates). The document conversion wasn’t terribly exciting as this presentation used DocBook XML rather than SGML. It’s based on the docbook-slides stylesheet, but for the blog post version that’s actually not relevant.

Windows and Linux in One

These are some personal notes about setting up a very nice combined Windows and Linux productivity and development environment. It uses open source software combined with some key proprietary pieces on a single machine and avoids the hassles of a full blown virtual machine. It is important to note this environment is geared to those who are used to the Linux ecosystem and are migrating to the new hybrid model.

Archives: A Conversion From DocBook SGML 3.x

I’ve added an undergraduate AI project I wrote called A Study of Selected Algorithms Against the Sherlock and Zebra Problems. It was an interesting exercise as the original report was written in DocBook, but an older version (3.x; the SGML variant) than is readily available nowadays. The document required some work to achieve conversion for this site1. There were, however, only a few ‘patterns’ that needed to be fixed throughout the document. The document had been split up into smaller files using entities. The first step was was to replace that approach which a single document. Most SGML entities needed to be replaced with the appropriate UTF-8 characters.