Too much web, not enough design

UI ≠ build like a tank

It seems I’m doing more front-end web work than is ideal these days. I say that because I tend to prefer technical aspects of web development and not so much aesthetic (vs functional) design elements, but for front-end work the aesthetic is a big part of what makes or breaks a site. For example, it was with great reluctance that I finally eliminated the “Comic Sans MS” font from this site. I kind of liked the informal look, but it doesn’t really suit a site that I call my ‘personal professional site’.

On the plus side, I have replaced hugoDebugTables with hugo-debug-tables, which is more than just a change in name, but is about fixing a bit of mess created when I was hosting my own git server, along with straying too far the ‘minimal theme’ approach that is best for what is supposed to be a theme component. I now have a pretty minimal ‘kick the tires’ [demo site for hugo-debug-tables](, which is a far better fit.

In the near(ish) future I will be replacing my ’not-so-minimal’ minimal test theme which a minimal one, and for a real theme (which will be used for this site), I will create ‘A Little Aqua’ (based on a [post of the same name]( Hopefully it turns out well…