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Form spam and rabbit holes

A quick change of the contact form backend turns into learning more about Markdown and Hugo, not to mention using a new provider.

Onward, the migratory nerd

A recent storm in which lightning struck rather close to my residence, and fried various bits of networking equipment, caused a whole different type of migratory nerding.

It's all different but mostly the same

While all my websites now look very different than a month or two ago, the content hasn’t changed very much. On the flip side, I’ve moved my hosting back to Netlify and MS365, and my professional life is on the move.

Back to OVH

This ‘migratory nerd’ has moved back to OVH for hosting. [2023-07-11: And recently, have done so yet again, after visiting Netlify for a while]

Updating spaces to tabs

In code, choosing spaces over tabs creates accessibility barriers. The developer ‘Holy Wars’ ignore this, so this article explains the issue.