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Successful reset, full steam ahead

My personal reset has been a success. I’m back on track with my training, my contract is going well, and my web presence refresh is making good progress.

Web presence refresh and an update

Got a bit off track, so resetting and in the process doing a web presence refresh. That includes removing some cruft from this site.

A success and progress on a few fronts

I have achieved CompTIA A+ · ce certification, which is step one of my return-to-work plan. I’ve also been making progress on other fronts.

Form spam and rabbit holes

A quick change of the contact form backend turns into learning more about Markdown and Hugo, not to mention using a new provider.

Hugo: Ignore a line with markdownlint

When using markdownlint-cli/markdownlint-cli2 or the vscode-markdownlint extension for VSCode, one may wish to ignore a particular line. Here is a cheap way to do that using a shortcode.

Onward, the migratory nerd

A recent storm in which lightning struck rather close to my residence, and fried various bits of networking equipment, caused a whole different type of migratory nerding.

Two-repo Netlify technique for module CI

Having a demo/test site embedded in a Hugo module causes large bandwidth consumption during its normal use as a module. We split the site and module into separate git repos, but keep a deploy as part of the CI process.