Windows in a Libvirt KVM VM

These are some updated personal notes about setting up the Windows side of a nice combined Windows and Linux productivity and development environment in Virtual Machine running under Libvirt Qemu/KVM (that is with Linux as the host OS). It uses open source software combined with some key proprietary pieces on a single machine. It is important to note this environment is geared to those who are used to the Linux ecosystem and also want to use or try the new hybrid model.

Intro to Raspberry Pi OS

Raspberry Pi OS is the official operating system for the Raspberry Pi family of educational single board computers. This article discusses some useful information on using Pi OS (including remotely) and provides links to more information.

Raspberry Pi OS for a Server

For small deployments (or home or small office use) you may find yourself in need of a ‘bare metal’ server, but not want or need the expense of an x64 machine. If the workload is not too demanding, a Raspberry Pi can be a good choice. The Pi has the benefit of being inexpensive, using little electricity, and taking little space. This article has been modified to use Raspberry Pi OS as the base instead of a customised Raspbian image.