“Creating opportunities to follow a passion for life and tech for the common good.”

Daniel hosts a technical documentation website.

Daniel also hosts a separate personal, political, creative, and mental health blog. It’s rather odd and you may totally disagree with Daniel on his politics, so you may not want to visit there. You have been warned.

I have been up to tech

If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted in a long time: “I have been up to tech!”

No, I have not sold my soul, v2

This is true despite the fact that I am moving my websites (including this one) away from OVHcloud and/or self-hosting, and am making a shift to using Microsoft 365. Some will never believe that nor accept what I have to say about it, but for me it’s the right decision.

Facebook "meltdown"

If my feed was showing me what ’engaged’ me why did I get fed up and leave? There are several parts to the answer, but an important piece is the problem that Facebook’s algorithm is largely an uncontrolled ‘positive feedback loop’.